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Pre-paid Health Care

Pre-paid health Care is provided to Anyuta Trust members.

Anyuta Trust provides to its members a range of health benefits through its associate Primary Care Centers. The trust membership is open for individuals, groups, institutions or companies. Here the care is provided on prepaid basis.

Fee Structure

  1. Registration Fee: Rs.100/-
  2. Health Card Fee: Rs. 100/-
  3. Out – patient Care Fee : Rs.1000/- per year for 5 members for the first 1000 members
  4. Cashless Hospitalization Care (Up to Rs.500, 000, /-) is provided through Anyuta networked hospitals at a premium paid to National Insurance Company Ltd. (Parivar Med claim Policy) Conditions apply.
Routine Medical Care

The enrolment is open for individuals for Routine Medical Care at a Fee of Rs.50/- per month. The Routine Medical Care covers unlimited Medical Consultation with the allotted Primary Care Provider Physician. Once the Group enrolment is above 3000 with a Primary Care Provider, Nursing Care will be provided on additional costs.

A Primary Care Center with 4000 members will have 3 Primary Care Physicians, along with the Primary care Nurses, District Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers based on the need. Here the PCC vehicle will ferry the patients to and fro Clinics or Hospitals.

Primary Care Part A

One can join this Scheme by paying Rs.3500/- per year. Pre joining medical checkup is compulsory. This provides free outpatient care as detailed below

Out-patient care is provided by the Primary Care Center (PCC) with Free and Paid Services

How do you benefit from Anyuta Healthcare?
Free Services The paid services
Medical Examination by the Family Physician, advice on Preventive care, annual medical checkups to stay fit and healthy, also to manage chronic medical conditions before they become more complex and costly to treat. Specialist’s consultation, blood tests, scans (MRI, CT, and Ultrasound), X – ray, ECG, Physiotherapy, Home care, etc. The Medical and Surgical Sundries, Implants and Stents, used are charged as per the actual costs.

In- patient care is provided by the National Insurance Company Ltd based on the Policy to which the Premium paid.

How do you benefit from Anyuta Healthcare?

1. Twenty-four hours medical cover. No worries Family Physicians to advice at any time
2. Easy access to doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centers Help to take informed medical decision
3. Cheaper transportation, home visits and surgery Second opinion by our experts
4. Home blood collection, nursing care and physiotherapy Discounts on investigation, hospitalization,
5. Group medical insurance Claim Process & Settlement
Primary Care Part B

Primary Care Part B is basically to help the chronic disease patients. Here the member should buy the Health insurance from the National Insurance Company Ltd. The Fee for Primary Care Part B is Rs. 1000/- per month and the group strength should be 1000 people. Primary Care Part B helps in coordinating treatment schedule, helping to procure medicines at a lower cost, etc.

Primary Care Prescription Drug Plan

This Plan helps them to get a discount of 5 to 10% on the drugs purchased. The card will cost about Rs.30/-only.


India should enact a law to allow people to create their own Tax free "Health Savings Account" with a cap of rupees ten lakhs in any year. From this account he should be able to pay for his and his spouse and three minor children and his parent’s health care expenses.

This legislation is a financial incentive for the people to access quality health care.

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