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Poor are not the responsibility of the Government alone. Eradication of Poverty is only possible by People Participation. To eradicate poverty, we have to wean the poor from depending on the Government for their basic needs. In India, as per the Government statistics, more than 26 to 36 crore people are Below Poverty Line (BPL).

The reasons for poverty is,

a. Absence of equity in distribution of nation`s wealth
b. Very little opportunity to educate, develop skills, get employed or access small finance
c. Injury and illness

In fact, illiteracy, injuries and sickness, push people deeper into poverty. Hence it is essential to think of a Social Security Scheme that is cost effective, efficient and sustainable. This scheme should be easy enough to implement and administer. It scheme should provide Life and Health cover along with Student Scholarship. It should teach banking and insurance to help the poor generate wealth, educate children, enhance their living standards and become a consumer. This consumer will become the growth engine of Indian industry and contribute to the GDP.

Anyuta Project - A

This is a mega project corporatizing India to realize “Right to Health”, guaranteed under the Constitution of India. It is an insurance driven health care to cover every Indian Citizen at a low premium that is affordable. We know that the injury and illness can push a man to the edge of poverty, hence a basic health care cover up to Rs.3 lakhs per family of 5 members @ a premium of Rs.1500/- or less per annum is a must. This premium should be split and paid to the Insurer. The ratio being, Central government 40%, State government 30% and the individual family 30%, respectively.

Anyuta Project - B

It is designed to liberate the poor people from depending on the government helps. This is an insurance driven Social Security Scheme, covering Life and Health along with providing Student Scholarship.

1. The Insurer

A. Life Insurance Corporation of India – JBY (Janashree Bima Yojana)

Provides Group Identity and Life Value of Rs.75, 000/- along with Student (Scholarship of Rs.100/- per child per year for two children (9th to 12th Standards)

B. The National Insurance Company Limited ( UHIS and Parivar – Medi claim)

  • UHIS provides Cashless Healthcare Cover up to Rs.30.000/-Per year with, disability benefit, loss of pay benefit for 15 days and maternity benefit.
  • Parivar Mediclaim Policy provides Health cover up to 5 lakhs per year for 5 at a Premium of ranging from Rs.3580/- to Rs.7489/- only.
  1. TPA in Health care: Anyuta TPA in Health care, IRDA – 17
  2. Financial transactions are through Banking instruments only
  3. Creating awareness and marketing is by Anyuta Wholly Charitable Trust

The National Insurance Company Ltd

With, Life and Health covered, collaterals created, access to Micro Finance is easy. Micro Finance thus availed, will help the poor to enhance his existing skills, acquire new skills, and opens up the avenues of revenue generation and helps in wealth creation. As the result people will join hands pool resources to start cottage industries. This organized group with ethos, responsibility, and peer pressure to perform will earn and repay the Micro Finance Institutes and also raise their living standards with dignity.

Health Care Reforms

Now, there is a need to reform our Medical Education and Health Care Delivery System to suit the present day needs of the people.

Reform in Medical Education

We need continuity in education to provide quality care. Hence there should be no cap on Post-graduate studies in Medical field at all. Preventing a MBBS graduate from learning new skills and qualifying further will make him look at those countries that give him that opportunity. As the result we have perpetual shortage of specialists and also good doctors to work in our hospitals. This can be easily overcome by adopting the following methods.

  • After MBBS, allow the doctor to choose his specialty, work in any hospital under a specialist of 10 years’ experience, for three years and appear for National Medical Board (DNB) examination on yearly basis.
  • At the end of three years of specialty training, issue him the certificate as “Board Eligible” or “Board Certified” based on passing the examination.

With this, the country will get a study stream of specialist doctors to work in the hospitals and thus stop the brain drain. There is also a possibility that foreign students will join Indian universities to become doctors and post graduates, since we have the world`s largest number and varieties of clinical materials. We also have world class Medical Colleges and Super Specialty Hospitals of repute for the doctors to get trained.

Reforms in Health Care Delivery System

We need to reform our Health care delivery system also,
  • To provide, prompt, efficient, cost effective quality care in the neighborhood.
  • Make the government hospitals, generate marginal revenue to sustain and scale up
  • Get rid of staff shortage by opening up the government hospitals for private doctors to admit and treat the insured patients on “Fee for Service” basis. This will not put any burden on the State exchequer or the poor.

With these reforms in place, the government and private hospitals will compete for patients, professional and academic excellence. Soon every hospital will generate marginal surplus and scale up, the health care costs will fall and people will benefit. There will be no need for the governments to spend on running hospitals and managing them anymore instead, can focus on adding more infrastructures.

What is special about Anyuta Project?

In reality Anyuta project, touches all spheres of human and industrial relationship. The project implementation is simple, economically viable, and affordable by the poorest of the poor. It empowers people to pay for their health care and secure life. Here we organize the unorganized sector of the society, teach them to help themselves. This organized people with group ethos are safe for the financial institutions to lend money to set up business, guide, supervise, create wealth and recover the investment.

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