Health Industry

What are the reasons for high medical costs?
  • Moral Hazard
  • Over investigation
  • Over treatment (Unnecessary surgery)
  • Over hospitalization
How to bring down the medical costs?
Join, People Funded, People Led, Anyuta Trust Managed, (PCT) Primary Care Centers, (PCC) to provide you with
  • Domiciliary care
  • Hospitalized care
  • Health Care financiers
  • Identify the Healthcare Providers
Who are the major players in the healthcare Industry?
  • The Government Sector
  • Private Sector
  • Integrate these sectors and get the best of them
What are the major components of Healthcare Industry?
The Healthcare provider network consists of,
  • Health Care Manpower
  • Health Care Institutions
The Healthcare Manpower
  • The Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and the Paramedics, etc.
  • The Healthcare Institutions consists of,
  • Clinics, Group Practices, Day Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Diagnostic Centers etc.
What do you need from the healthcare industry?
  • Preventive Medicine .
  • Emergency Medicine.
  • Follow up care
  • Diagnostic Centre
  • Medical Call Centre
  • Healthcare Information
  • Medical Documentation
How do you get the Quality Medical Care?
  • Specialized care by Doctors with higher qualifications and Continuous Medical Education
  • Standardized treatment regime
  • Standardized treatment charges
  • Transparent Medical documentation
  • Transparent Medical audit
How do you pay for the Healthcare services?
  • Out of pocket Payment
  • Health Insurance
  • Self – Funded Schemes
  • Self-created Health Care Fund, by depositing year marked fixed amount in a Bank Account
Does the insurance pay your entire healthcare bills? No!
  • Insurance has exclusion clauses.
  • Does not pay for pre-existing diseases
  • Pays the hospitalized bills
  • Pays based on the premium cover opted for
What is co – payment?

The Patient have to Co - pay the difference in the bill amount, based on the Policy conditions.

How to bring down the medical costs?
  • Create an Out – Patient care :
    • Join Anyuta Trust for Free Out – patient care
  • Create Managed Care:
    • Anyuta Medinet Limited, will Provide you with managed health care
  • Buy the Health Insurance to cover the Hospitalized Care
    • Anyuta Trust will help you to get the right Health cover from the right Insurer at a right premium
  • Nominate your choice of IRDA Licensed TPA in Health care
    • Anyuta TPA in Health Care IRDA – 17, will process your Claims and Settle it as per the Insurer`s Policy Conditions
How to go about?
  • Register with, Anyuta Primary Care Trust
    • Registration Fee: Rs.100/- per person,
  • Create Primary Care Centers ( PCC)
    • Pay Rs.1000/- per year for a family of 5 members annually
  • Health Card Fee
    • Pay Rs.100/- per card
    • How to stay fit?
      • Monitor the health right from the childhood.
      • Follow the immunization schedule
      • Go for periodic health check ups
      • Consult your Anyuta Primary Care Physician (PCP) who resides in your area
      • Create a 24 / 7 medical help line
      • Standardized Medical Documentation and Standardized Treatment Regime
      ANYUTA TRUST MANAGED Healthcare will provide you with
      • Domiciliary care
      • Hospitalized care
      How does this help you to cut costs?
      Preventive medicine by the Primary Care Physician
      Primary Physician is a must for every individual to,
      • To maintain the medical documentation
      • To maintain the medical documentation
      • To coordinate specialized treatment
      • To apprise the hospital on the socio economic status of the patient
      Primary Care Physician knows your medical history
      Like / medicines you take / drug reactions / allergies / recent investigations & treatment etc. This prevents repeat of investigations / hospitalization / unnecessary medication and consultation / Surgery etc.
      How to get a grip on the rising Healthcare costs and make it affordable to common man?
      • By setting up Daycare Centers across the country which would handle 80% of healthcare needs.
      • Promoting Domiciliary Care
      • Primary Physician taking Care of you
      How to handle Emergency care?
      • Time factor is very important in emergency
      • Neutral Agency should handle Emergency care
      Time factor: The Golden moments
      • If the brain cell is deprived of oxygen for more than four minutes, then the brain cells will not function normally.
      • Circulation and Respiration should be restored immediately
      • Cardiac massage / medication
      • Intubations to restore respiration
      Who is the best person to handle this situation?
      Why a neutral organization to handle Emergency?
      • For “Care before cost” and not “ Cost before Care”
      • For health care at the doorstep
      Can you depend on Ambulance in an Emergency in India?
      • Not really. It is possible only when there is dedicated road for ambulance and when it is managed by stand by Hospitals / Specialists / Paramedics/ Medicines and Life saving equipment’s
      • Such Ambulance should be within the premise of every public function / sporting activity, etc.
      How to organize & pay for the Medical services?
      • The Medical team should be paid adequately and should be made accountable for their action
      • Every public meeting / sporting activity / etc. should have well organized medical unit stand by and in full strength, managed by a neutral healthcare agency.
      • Health Insurance pays for hospitalized care and People organized Out – patient and Domiciliary care.
      • There is always an element of Co – payment.
      What are the advantages of registering with Anyuta?
      • Care before Cost
      • Ethical Medical Practice / Managed Healthcare / Senior Citizen’s Healthcare
      • People Funded, People Led, People Managed, Primary Care Centers (PCC)
      • Bargaining power to cut Healthcare Costs, by Creating a Market Force
      • Free Consultation on Phone / Quicker way to reach a Doctor
      • Cost cutting by negotiated Hospital Rates / Monitoring progress
      • Patient medical education ( Audio Visual )
      • Informed Medical Decision
      Who Should Participate?
      Every Indian should Participate, to create, Primary Care Centers, working 24/7, under Anyuta Primary Care Trust. Once each PCC has 3000 members, then,
      • Each PCC will have 3 Primary Care Physicians
      • Each PCC will have 3 Nurses, 1 District Nurse
      • Each PCC will have 2 Physio, and 1 Occupation therapist.
      Why are we not fulfilling our Individual and Corporate social Responsibility?

      By fulfilling Individual and Corporate Social Responsibilities, we the people can provide India with an affordable National Health Service providing quality care at their doorstep.

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