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Free Doctor Movement for Patient Benefi

Doctors are Care Providers and the Hospitals are the Infrastructure providers. India will not have shortage of Doctors, the day the doctors are empowered to admit their patients in any hospital (Government or Private)for treatment and the Insurance pays his Fees directly.

Since the Doctors, Hospitals, Insurer & TPAs, are licensed and regulated by the competent authorities, free movements of doctors between hospitals of patient`s choice should not be an issue. There is also no need for empaneling hospitals, duplicating work and adding managerial costs.

  • M C I Regulates Doctors
  • State Regulates Hospitals
  • IRDAI Regulates Insurer & TPAs
  • Judiciary provides justice to all

What India needs is an insurance driven healthcare that is low in premium and high in cover value.

Anyuta Universal Health Insurance Service

AUHIS is a healthcare insurance product that is low in premium and high in cover value. It does not burden the poor or the State Exchequer, instead it empowers the farm worker to pay the Premium and get covered.

The “Anyuta Universal Health Insurance” is an ideal product that will bring down the Care costs, generate marginal surplus to the Hospitals and the Insurer while giving the best of care to the beneficiary. With AUHIS in place the treatment regime, medical documentation, Claim processing and Settlement will get standardized. The government hospitals will generate revenue to self-sustain and scale up. Eventually there will not be any difference between the Private and Public Sector Healthcare Delivery System. The AUHIS will digitize Medical, Billing and Accounting Documents and carry out all financial transactions through Banks only.

In this inclusive and participatory healthcare there is no place for Moral Hazard and the players are all licensed and regulated by the regulators, adhere to their core competence and there is no conflict of interests.

  • Hospitals Private and Public Sector hospitals as the Health Care Provider network
  • Public Sector Insurance Company Coming out with AUHIS Family Group Policy with Rs.3 lakhs cover, family of 6 members, @ Rs.1500 + Tax as Premium, on floater, Claim settled at CGHS Code & Rate
  • Anyuta Insurance TPA in Healthcare Providing Healthcare, Claim Processing, Submitting Claim Float to the Insurer to Settle the Claims
  • Banks Collecting Premium & helping in Claim Settlement by RTGS
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