Anyuta in Health Care

What is Anyuta?

  • a. Anyuta is Doctor based,
  • b. IRDA licensed
  • c. Third Party Administrator (TPA) in Health care

Scope of work

  • a. Network Hospital, Doctors, Diagnostic Centers
  • b. Provide Hospitalized Health care to Insured Patients
  • c. Process and Settle Claims for any Insurance companies.

Anyuta has a large group of hospitals networked across the country and is still empaneling Hospitals to provide quality healthcare to insured patients.

Anyuta work experience

  • a. Provides health care to 5 districts in Oddisha
  • b. Provides health care to the entire Rajasthan government employees
  • c. Provides health care to National Insurance company
  • d. Provided Health care to Clench Foundation at Kolkata
  • e. Provided Health care to New India Assurance Company
  • f. Rajasthan State Insurance & Provident Fund Department Health Insurance – SIPF
  • g. ABY for KSF&ES & HD&CDWT Health Insurance

What is IRDA?

  • a. Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is like SEBI, a Govt. of India
  • b. IRDAI issues license to Insurance Companies and its Intermediaries like TPA in Healthcare and regulates the activities
  • c. Only insurance companies can sell Health insurance
  • d. Only 30 TPAs licensed by IRDA in India and Anyuta TPA in Health care is one of them

Anyuta Health care concept

  • a. To provide 24/7 total health care cover to every Indian
  • b. Make Health care Affordable and Available in the neighborhood

How do we achieve it?

We achieve our goal by,

  • a. Maximizing the usage of the existing Health Care infrastructures like Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers, etc.
  • b. Maximizing the usage of the skills of the Doctors / Nurses / Technicians / Paramedics.
  • c. Motivating people to participate in creating and running healthcare units.
  • d. Integrating the Private and Public Sector Health Care Infrastructure for better usage.
  • e. Introducing “Fee for Service” concept.
  • f. Making Insurer pay for the Services of the Doctors / Nurses / Investigation / Pharmacy / Procedures / Surgical and Medical Sundries separately.

Why Anyuta Concept is innovative?

  • a. Essential service, needed by every human being, no financial risk, covering pan India.
  • b. Networking existing Systems and using for people advantage and reducing cost .
  • c. Every bit of the system is in place, health care products are available in the market.
  • d. Organized health care, transparent and accountable and is regulated.
  • e. Single window approach in Health care.
  • f. Providing Total Health care cover (In patient &Outpatient).
  • g. Outpatient Cover by Primary Care Centers @ Rs.1100/- per family of 6 members
  • h. Inpatient cover by Health Insurance - AUHIS

How safe is it?

  • a. Regulated and governed by Insurance and Health laws and systemized and safe to use.
  • b. Hospitals and Doctors are licensed to operate and practice and are regulated.
  • c. The products are from Insurance Companies who will provide and service their products.
  • d. There will not be any dilution of core value.
  • e. All transactions are through banking instruments only.
Services working for people
1. M C I Regulates Doctors Patient can choose his Doctor
2. State Regulates Hospitals Patient can choose his Hospital
3. IRDAI Regulates Insurer & TPAs Patient can choose his Insurer, Product and the TPA
4. RBI Regulates Banks Premium Collection & Claim Settlement through Banks
5. Judiciary Provides Justice to all
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