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Anyuta Medinet Healthcare Private Limited Company was incorporated under The Companies Act 1956 on 15.02.02, with CIN: U85110KA2002PTC030132, and PAN: AAECA1295Q respectively. The company has only two Share Holders and two Directors, Dr. N. Ravindra Shetty and Mrs. Sumitra Shetty.

As per the IRDAI advice in its Circular Reference: No. IRDAI/TPA/REG/CIR/059/03/2016, dated 28/03/2016, we are in the process of changing our name to “Anyuta Insurance TPA in Healthcare Private Limited”.

Anyuta is one of the first few organizations to get the license to function as a Third Party Administrators – in Health Care, from Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDAI). We received our License as No. 17 issued on 16th May 2002. Our license was promptly renewed each time.

Anyuta is a Doctor based Insurance TPA in Healthcare

We are in business since 2002 and are simply pursuing our aim to serve people in an honest and ethical manner. We have an incredible story to tell. It is all about how honesty and usage of the IT and Banking systems bring down healthcare costs, eliminate Moral Hazard and thus make it comfortable for the insurer to reduce insurance premium and provide high familyhealth cover.

It all started with the people under our care avoided unnecessary hospitalization, investigations, medications and procedures and availed quality care only when needed. Because of this the revenue outflow of the Insurer fell and generated a huge surplus. This prompted them to increase the cover value for the same premium. To their surprise they still generated surplus revenue. Today it is possible to provide a family cover of Rs.5 lakhs for a Premium as little as Rs.1500+ 15% Tax for 6 members, without age bar and exclusion clauses and still generate revenue.The hospitals on the other hand treated more insured patients and generated surplus revenue

The basis for low premium high coverage insurance product generating revenue for the healthcare financiers and the delivery system while giving quality care to the patient is the result of in depth knowledge of medicine,innovation in Claim processing, Medical documentation with low Administrative costs. We are fortunate to have thedoctors who are committed to medical profession and are ethical in their approach. These doctors believe that for a healthy sustainable insurance driven healthcare model, the healthcare financiers (Insurer, trusts, private funds) providers (hospitals, Nursing Homes, day care centers, Diagnostic Centers, Clinics, Doctors) and the administrators (TPA ) should generate a marginal surplus while giving the best care to the policyholder. This can happen only with people participation, mutual trust and absence of moral hazard amongst the stakeholders.

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